White Kitchens New Vibes

Design by: Amber Interiors

White kitchens maybe a timeless investment, but you definitely can tire of it. Here are some ways to spice up and enjoy that timeless look with some new vibes that are sure to catch everyone’s attention. This stunning kitchen designed by Amber Interiors has so many good examples to change up a traditional white look.  One of my favorite things they did here is  (1) having no upper cabinets flanking the hood or on most of that wall.  This is a great idea for any new kitchen.  It opens up the room and allows it to breathe while giving it a more modern look. Another brilliant but bold style decision was to (2)  keep the wall white as well.  They picked a very subtle small scale glossy tile that brings in a different scale and texture. At first glance you might miss it, but that is the point. It adds visual interest without screaming at you. In many situations, you might be tempted to add a pop of color or pattern here or add some contrasting shelves. Luckily, they went with restraint and created an intriguing design showing how less can be more.  Lastly in this kitchen (I could ogle over this one for days) is the sleek island.  Going with a (3) solid stone island look created on each of the ends of the island definitely gives an updated feel to a traditional kitchen look. Also, the weight is easily balanced by the open feel of the kitchen.

Design by: Rachel Halvorson  – Design by: Marie-Laure Helmkampf

Another way to spice up your white kitchen is by adding some beautiful vintage doors.  It doesn’t hurt that the ones used here by Rachel Halvorson are a beautiful natural wood tone with gold hardware. They stand out on the white walls and cabinetry, giving a great focal point.

If you are sucker for the classic marble counter tops change it up like Marie-Laure did, shown above, by placing a plain white solid surface countertop juxtaposed with the book matched marble running up the wall as the backsplash. It creates such a stunning visual. The glossy white cabinet fronts don’t hurt either.

Design by: Ashley Winn Design   –   Design by: RD VIS

Adding natural wood tones to any room nowadays is a “YES” for me. So being creative and adding it on the ceiling of a white kitchen is a good idea in my book. Mixing it in on the cabinet fronts in a modern flat panel isn’t a bad idea either. Plus who doesn’t love a good waterfall countertop?

Design by: Park And Oak

And If you are one of those people that just needs a little splash of color, why not add it into your island like Park and Oak has here?  I know it may not be a pure white kitchen, but mixing cabinet colors and natural woods is a great way to play up your kitchen and get a great new vibe.

Design by: Parks & Lamb  – Design by: Amber Interiors

Now, I may not be a great chef, but who wouldn’t want to cook with one of these French ovens in your kitchen? The style and craftsmanship of these stunning appliances can add so much character to your kitchen.  They are all the rage right now, as they should be. First, they are “French,” so that’s an obvious win, and also, they can give you a new look now and the style will last you a lifetime.

Styled by: Susanna Vento

There are so many great and simple things going on in this kitchen styled by Susanna Vento. The flat panel cabinetry with the leather pulls. The natural wood countertop matching the soft wood floors. The combination of the white cabinetry with the subtle white backsplash running up the wall. Lastly, the well placed modern gold sconces. This space is very subtle, yet still demands your attention. You can take your pick as to which of these combinations you would use to vibe up your white kitchen.

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