Cobblestone & Olive is a full service residential design firm located in northern Utah. Whether it be a new build project, a remodel or a small refresh on a space in your home, our team is thrilled to work with you to define your place of comfort.
Jenn Blackburn
Designer & Creative Director
Jenn's unique style and perspective is born of diverse design expertise as well as firsthand experience. Having studied design for over fourteen years, her professional portfolio includes everything from the interiors of LDS Temples to corporate offices. However, her true passion is creating beauty and a feeling of home and comfort in any living space. Jenn sets herself apart by blending timeless European vintage style, acquired in Lyon, France, with tailored clean design. While living in France, she found herself falling in love with the classic style and sophistication each space embraced. She began modeling her own design style to fit the incredible finds in the local markets and small shops that she couldn’t resist bringing home. Jenn has brought her design experience back to Utah where her unique European vintage style perfectly marries her experience in creating the lavish interiors of temples and designing comfort with function for individual homes. The mother of two children, Jenn specializes in making gorgeous and functional homes that are elegant yet livable for families.
Megan Martin
Marketing & Editor
Megan loves to work behind the scenes to make companies fly. She specializes in taking amazing ideas and spotting talent and turning them into a profitable business. She has assisted florists, real estate investors, and chocolatiers (yes, that’s a real thing! Best business partnership ever!) to build businesses they can be proud to own. When Megan reconnected with Jenn while visiting France, she knew immediately that she had to work with her to build something wonderful. Megan has also been in love with all things France for over twenty years, and she knew right away that Jenn had something beautiful to offer clients. Megan loves design, and having a beautiful, clean and cozy home is one of her passions. When she is not working, she’s writing, cooking, reading a book probably based in France or raising her four kids with her husband.